Thursday, 26 April 2018


Kia Ora Whanau
We have had a very busy and successful first term for 2018. I am very happy with the progression of the children especially in Writing! 
Some amazing authors in this class :)  
Many thanks for the support from home this term. 
I hope to keep the blog more up-to-date in Term 2! ... but in the mean-time, here are some of the things we achieved and experienced here in 
Room Tekau Ma Tahi!
Enjoy ... Regards Miss O.

Week 1. Term 1. 2018.
Introductions, getting to know each other and exploring our environment! 

Week 2. Term 1. 2018.
We joined the rest of the school for a Powhiri for some of our International Guests to Target Road and made our Mighty Monsters!

Week 3. Term 1. 2018.

In Week 3 we wrote and published some beautiful Writing (Poem - 'I am from my people')
This piece was the beginning of our Identity Inquiry and the children put a lot of thought into exploring who they were and where they were from. 
We also continued to learn about the new resources available to us in Room 11 and we started our Swimming Programme!

Week 4. Term 1. 2018.
Week 4 was very busy! 
We got creative with the Morefun blocks and we had a very special visitor to Room 11!! 
'Mr Bee Man' himself! He brought in all his tools and even some honey that his bees had made! It tasted Sooooo Good!
Also, the teachers had a 'Pimp my duty vest' competition at the Friday assembly. Miss O tried my best to make my vest into a Basketball and a Basketball hoop - What do you think!? 
I didn't win the competition but I had fun making my vest! Maybe next time ...

Weeks 5 & 6. Term 1. 2018.
Mason, Toni, Jacen and Eden were 'Caught being Awesome', Miss O made some exciting new Reading Resources and the 'My Me Robot' building begun!

Week 7. Term 1. 2018.
The highlight for Week 7 was getting to hang out with our 'Buddy Class.' We have the opportunity to practice being seniors and leaders when we are with Room 18. We love it! Here we are in action!

Also, just before Easter, Room 11 got visited by a very BIG (judging by the footprints!!) Bad Bunny. He tipped all our tables upside-down and messed up our classroom! 
The children wrote Fantastic stories about the Big Bad Bunny and designed posters so that the Naughty Bunny would know that he was loved and that he didn't have to be bad anymore! 

The Naughty Bunny was here!! 

What a Naughty Bunny!! 

Week 8, 9 & 10. Term 1. 2018.
The children worked very hard to complete their own Independent Identity Inquiry. I was so proud of the way they embraced all of the ideas around their own Identity and poured all of these ideas into their 'My Me Robots' - They Look FANTASTIC!!
Well done Room 11!

Buddy Class. Working together on our shared art. 

Week 11. Term 1. 2018.
'My Me Robots' complete and displayed. 
Big Thanks to Mr Cullen for putting up the bamboo rods for our display! He did a great job!
I wanted to make a kind of 'Class Photo' out of the children's robots and I think it absolutely looks the part! Well done team. All ready for our parents and the Shared Learning Day :) 

Classroom Creations!

 Sadly, we said goodbye to Mrs Seerup on the last week of Term. She will be missed by our Room 11 ESOL children and across the School. 

 That's all folks!!
Well ... for Term 1 anyway! 
See you all in Term 2 :) 
Miss O.